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Medical Treatment Procedure

진료절차 요약
    • When you visit the hospital with an appointment
      If you have made an appointment at your last visit, you can skip the preliminary and recurrent treatment stages and go to the relevant department at your appointment time to get medical treatment.
      • Preliminary treatment
        Present your ID card at the reception window on the first floor, and receive a medical treatment card after paying the corresponding medical fees.
      • Recurrent treatment
        At the reception desk on the first floor, disclose your appointment details and pay the corresponding medical fees.
    • When you visit the hospital without an appointment
      Please make sure to check the medical treatment schedule before your visit.
      • Preliminary treatment
        Fill out an application form provided on the hospital first floor, submit it with your ID card, and receive medical treatment card after paying your medical fees.
      • Recurrent treatment
        Present your health insurance card and medical treatment card at the reception window on the first floor and pay the corresponding medical fees.
  • Medical treatment
    At your appointment time, go to the relevant department to receive medical treatment.
  • 검사통합예약실
    예약검사가 있는경우
  • Payment
    Payment at the window on the 1st floor or automatic payment machine on the 1st and 2nd floor: Medical and examination expenses
  • Reception, Examination, Issuance of a Prescription
    Reception at the medical support department (examination integrated appointment room), relevant examination and issuance of a prescription (automatic payment machine)
  • Medication
    In the case of an out-of-the hospital prescription, keep the prescription and receive the medicines at an outside pharmacy.
  • Returning Home

Medical Treatment Information

Reception Hours

Weekday Morning treatment reception: 8:00 ~ 11:30 / Afternoon treatment reception: 8:00 ~ 17:00
Saturday Morning treatment reception: 8:00 ~ 11:30
Start of treatment Morning treatment: 8:30 / Afternoon treatment: 13:30
Emergency treatment Emergency • childbirth patients can be treated around the clock.

Medical Treatment Request Form

  • The Catholic University of Korea’s Bucheon St. Mary's Hospital is a secondary hospital.
  • If you are a medical care recipient, you need to submit a medical care certificate and a medical treatment request form issued by primary medical institutions (hospitals and clinics) and public health centers to receive medical benefits when you receive your preliminary medical treatment.
  • When you visit the hospital, please present your medical treatment request form to the medical cooperation center desk on the 1st floor, and again at the reception window.

Paying Medical Fees

Using an automatic payment machine
  • If you use an automatic payment machine installed on the first and second floor, you can pay medical fees more quickly.
  • Automatic payment is available at the time of outpatient medical treatment, calculation of hospitalization fees, and discharge calculations.
  • It is convenient to use the barcode on the top of your medical treatment card or the filing receipt.
  • Please use a payment window if "no automatic payment" is marked at the bottom of your medical treatment receipt.
  • Credit card payment: Installment payment is possible for fees over 50,000 won.
  • Cash payment: For amounts up to 500,000 won. Checks are not accepted.
  • For patients whose fees are less than 100 won, reductions will be processed. (Except for patients subject to reduction)
Payment at an window
  • If you cannot do automatic payments, you can pick a queue ticket and pay your medical fees at the payment window.
  • Present your medical treatment receipt at the time of payment and pay the medical fees and then go to each examination room or administration office indicated as "places to visit" on the receipt.
  • If you have a reservation for a later date, bring your reservation reception ticket attached to your receipt on the date of your medical treatment.


  • If you paid your medical fees at an automatic payment machine you shall receive two copies of an out-of-hospital prescription along with the receipt. (If you have an out-of-hospital prescription for medicines)
  • If you paid your medical fees at a window, you can go to a prescription issuance machine and receive two copies of an out-of-hospital prescription using your medical treatment card or receipt and the barcode on top of the receipt.
  • In the case of in-house prescription, please wait at the pharmacy and take the medicines when your medication number appears on the electronic display.