For Emergencies

Main number +82-1577-0675 / Medical Cooperation Center +82-32-340-7890~2

Medical Treatment Procedure

Medical Treatment Procedure
  • Reception
  • Patient classification
    Severity rating / Blood pressure, pulse, and body temperature measurement
  • Medical treatment
    Progress by severity
    • Examination Refer to contents below for waiting time after the examination results
    • Cure Medication, treatment/wound disinfection
  • Medical treatment Explanation of examination results / medical and surgical treatment
    • Hospitalization and operation Hospitalization on the day of the visit may be limited according to hospital room availability. Returning home
    • Returning home
Usage Information
  • It takes 2 ~ 6 hours after coming to the hospital if additional consultation with other departments is needed for medical treatment.
  • Waiting time after examination results: About 2 hours for blood / about 1 hour for urine / about 30 minutes for X-ray / other examinations depend on the laboratory schedule and patient fasting time

Medical Treatment Procedure Information

Medical Treatment Procedure Information
Preliminary medical
treatment of
Emergency Medical Center
The duty doctor and nurse of the Emergency Medical Center will decide whether it will perform medical treatment through preliminary care. If necessary, outpatient medical treatment can be recommended.
Reception When you enter the Emergency Medical Center, fill out and submit a medical treatment application form to the administration office of the Emergency Medical Center (reception, payment).
Medical treatment Patients are assigned to beds according to their severity after the preliminary treatment in patient classification office.
Discharge After a doctor decides your discharge, you shall pay the medical fees at the hospital administration office (reception, payment) of the Emergency Medical Center in front of the guardian waiting room located on the first floor of the main building. You will be discharged from the hospital after receiving medicines.
Hospitalization Your hospital room will be assigned after finishing the hospitalization process at the hospital administration office (reception, payment) of the Emergency Medical Center.