Parking Lot Information

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  • Parking Information

    • Operation hours: 24 hours
    • Due to long-term parking and parking unrelated with medical treatment issues, we are running a paid parking. We hope you not to cause you any inconvenience.
    • Vehicles can enter and leave the hospital only through the main gate.
    • Size of parking lots: Parking tower for 150 cars, underground for 193 cars, roads for 24 cars, tennis court for 30 cars
    Classification Parking time Parking fee Remarks
    Parking fee Per 10 minutes 300 won 300 won for additional 10 minutes
    Hospital return vehicle When leaving hospital within 20 minutes Free
    Medical treatment/examination 4 hours free on the same day
    • Submission of medical treatment receipt issued on the same day
    • Confirmation seal of the central information desk
    • Confirmation of night settlement office
    Hospitalization/discharge 8 hours free on the same day
    On the day of operation 12 hours free on the same day
    Emergency patients
    (Emergency Room)
    • 6 hours free after entry
    • Free at night (17:00 ~ 9:00)
    2 hours free: once a day Issuance of guardian's confirmation card (issued at the time of hospitalization, returned at the time of discharge): When leaving, submit it to the settlement office along with the parking ticket
    Patients having artificial kidney room dialysis Free on the same day
    • Confirmation of the artificial kidney room
    • Confirmation of the central
    Public service, national merits, volunteer service, hospital request after-service vehicle Free on the same day
    Regular discount voucher 5 days 35,000won Non-refundable if not used
    10 days, 15 days 70,000won (The 15-day pass is free for 5 days at the 10-day ticket amount.)
    30 days 100,000won
    24HR 8,000won
    Light vehicles / vehicles of the handicapped 50% reduction Not applicable for daily parking tickets and regular discount vouchers
    Bereaved family (funeral home) vehicle Room No.1: free for 5 cars/ Rooms No. 6, 8, 10: free for 4 cars / Rooms No. 2, 3, 5, 7, 9: free for e cars

    One-day parking tickets are sold only to patient families and bereaved families.